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A happy-go-lucky child of alcoholics, Alyssa spent her childhood in central California escaping into her imagination and old movies. After many Halloweens and failed spelling tests, she attended UC Irvine to major in Film and Media Studies and paid the bills dressing as a chipmunk at Disneyland.


Looking for a new escape, she hopped over the pond to The London Film School to fulfill her childhood dream of becoming the next Alfred Hitchcock, but American, and female. Her graduation film about angsty teen nerds won the audience award at the Citizen Jane Film Festival. After the unexpected death of her mother, she spent her days wearing a cheery smile as she served the people at Trader Joe's, while her nights were spent huddled in a dark hole writing. Her dark comedies exploring complicated mother-daughter relationships naturally landed her a job writing Preschool Television.


She was a staff writer for the GLAAD-nominated animated show Firebuds (Disney Junior) for 3 seasons. Alyssa currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband, a small dog, and an even smaller baby girl.

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